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We take the leap towards delivering quality enriched products to our customers so that we can seize the right market opportunities at the right time. While dealing in food products for non-human consumption, we adopt the best practices. We ensure that our range helps safeguard the health and well-being of livestock, poultry, and fishes. We tighten our grip on quality even more when offering edible products for human consumption. Understanding that it is our responsibility to provide consumers with products that are made as per approved safety standards, we do a round of tests on all our food products like Fresh Onion, Fruit Juice, etc.


One of the most important concerns of any food business is sustainability. Food production, distribution and trading businesses know that modern customers have only grown more conscious about the daily food choices they make. They are mindful of what is on their plate and seek products that have been sustainably produced. Knowing this well, we too produce our product range in an eco-friendly manner. Even the feed options we offer for animals and fishes are environmentally-friendly, and are offered as per our image as a responsible and ethical player in the food market.

Why Us?

By prioritizing quality and sustainability, we, Maa Shaarda Enterprises Private Limited, have already excelled in our field. We wish to work with passion and determination to keep continuing with our excellence and establish a stronger business reputation in the future. Points that we keep in mind for moving ahead in our field are:

  • We invest in state of the art processing and testing equipment and technologies.
  • We implement strict quality control measures across multiple stages in business, from product sourcing, storage to packaging.
  • We test products we source from third parties in terms of their appearance, aroma, taste, and texture. Even products that we grow in our own lands are analyzed for purity and nutritional content.

Pricing Policy

Our aim being to build a loyal customer base across various regions of India, we ensure we please as many customers as possible by quoting the best prices on our range of Fresh Onion, Fruit Juice, etc.

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